Marriage Concerto Chapter 49


Chapter 49: I want you to beat Gu Xin

When Qiao Yichen woke up at a little past seven, Ding Meng was still sleeping beside him.

Today, all the recording studio appointments were in the afternoon so she didn’t have any work scheduled for the morning. Qiao Yichen watched her attentively for a moment. Then, he rolled on top of her and kissed her lips.

Ding Meng was quickly woken up by him. She knit her brows as she opened her eyes. A furry head was currently lingering by her chest.

She sucked in a breath, “…Qiao Yichen, why are you getting so passionate this early in the morning?” Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Oh, how about you sleep next door tonight?

Ding Meng’s fan meetup was organized very quickly. After the company’s official account announced the event, Ding Meng immediately sent out a post of her own and received an enthusiastic response from her fans.

The number of followers she had on Weibo was close to breaking through 3 million. After receiving ardent requests from the Little Lemons, she had promised that she would post a selfie when she reached 3 million. Yup, even though she had previously promised Jiang Man that she would take more selfies, she hadn’t taken a single one that satisfied her after all this time.

Just thinking about that was depressing. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Tonight’s physical training will be increased by half an hour

At that moment, Qiao Yichen was rather preoccupied.

Aside from preparing Ding Meng’s new album, Qiao Yichen also had to deal with the influx of recording studio appointments which he had pushed back due to the previous concert.

Even though the work was endless, the sound technician could clearly detect that Qiao Yichen’s mood had recently been great . It could even be seen from his attitude toward the singers in the recording studio.

Even though his requirements were as strict as ever, he could actually be described as amiable when compared to the past. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 46

DOUBLE RELEASE DAYYY 🙂 To make up for this busy week heh

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Chapter 46: We’re in our honeymoon phase right now. There’s no reason to sleep separately.

The contract really was burnt by Qiao Yichen.

The fire burning in the porcelain basin let off a light that flickered upon Ding Meng’s wooden face.

Qiao Yichen waited for the paper to burn into a pile of ashes. Then, he stood and turned around to face Ding Meng, “How about you move into my room?”

Ding Meng, “…”

Was her last front also going to fall into the enemy’s hands? Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 45

The morning after has arrived!!!

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Chapter 45: I’ll make it so that you enjoy doing this sort of thing

The sound of birds chirping outside the window lightly entered his ears. Qiao Yichen’s long eyelashes fluttered twice before he gradually opened his eyes..

Ding Meng was still nestled in his embrace, and her eyes were still closed with exhaustion. The heavy curtains blocked out the morning sunshine making the room look rather dusky.

However, he could still distinguish Ding Meng’s silhouette in the dark.

When Qiao Yichen thought of last night, he couldn’t help but grin. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 44

Don’t worry, this isn’t an April Fool’s chapter haha!

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Chapter 44: Today, let’s try a different kind of physical training.

Even though Jiang Man had said that she was done with managing Ding Meng, she didn’t really stop.

She scheduled a time for Ding Meng and Gu Xin to practice dancing together, and while she was at it, she also signed Ding Meng up for a commercial and a music TV program. This was her way of helping Ding Meng establish a presence during the period of inactivity to come.

Ding Meng knew that even though Jiang Man was opposed to her recording an album, Jiang Man also had her career prospects in mind. It was just that Jiang Man and Qiao Yichen had taken different stances on the approach.

In reality, Jiang Man had a sharp tongue but a soft heart. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 43


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Chapter 43: I want to produce an album for you.

Qiao Yichen continued standing in the kitchen until his breathing steadied. Then, he walked over to Ding Meng’s room and knocked on the door, “Does this mean that you love me?”

Earlier, he had told her to kiss him if she loved him.

Ding Meng’s voice came from inside the room and sounded as if it was muffled by a pillow, “You’re thinking too much. It was just a thank you kiss!”

“Ah.” Qiao Yichen responded softly as he stared at the door, “Do you usually thank people like this?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Don’t be all talk and no action. Kiss me if you love me

Of course, the chosen chuan chuan shop was the one Ding Meng usually frequented. It had the recipes and flavors she was familiar with.

This was the Qiao Yichen’s second time visiting this shop. The last time he was here, he came to drag her home and didn’t have the chance to look around carefully. This time, he took his time assessing his surroundings and noticed that this shop was very actually clean compared to other roadside stalls.

Ding Meng requested the same private room as last time and ordered heaps of food. The waiter brought over her order and Ding Meng immediately began to cook the food in the pot. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 41

We’re officially halfway through MC!!! (If we count the 6 side stories at chapters ^^)

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Chapter 41: I only want you.

Ding Meng slept for two hours before waking up. When she opened her eyes, she realized that Qiao Yichen’s coat was draped over her. She moved a bit and the towel on her forehead fell off.

“You’re awake?” Qiao Yichen sat in front of his work desk and glanced at her. Then, he stood up from his chair.

Ding Meng picked up the towel that was on her forehead and looked at him as he walked towards her, “How did I get here?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: I will take responsibility for you

In that split second, Ding Meng suddenly erupted with superhuman strength, just like Popeye after eating spinach. She lifted up her knee and smacked Qiao Yichen right in the stomach.

“Oof!” Qiao Yichen let out a muffled groan before collapsing by Ding Meng on the couch as if he had used up the last of what little energy he had.

After surviving the ordeal, Ding Meng took several big gulps of air and pushed aside the person who was laying on top of her.

Qiao Yichen’s eyes were shut tightly, and he didn’t show any signs of waking up. Ding Meng climbed off the couch and straightened her clothing. Fortunately, she had put on a jacket when she had come out. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have seen everything just now?! Continue reading