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Chapter 71: I’m already a married man. Nobody should be harboring delusions about me anymore.

After Qiao Yichen treated Ding Meng to lunch at the cafeteria, he pulled her off to the children’s hospital that Qin Sifan had mentioned.

The children’s hospital was quite far from Guangchen so Qiao Yichen had to drive for over 40 minutes before arriving.

Qin Sifan was standing in the garden and speaking with the chairman. When she saw Qiao Yichen walk through the entrance, she went up to welcome him.

“Yichen,” She called out before noticing Ding Meng behind him. She stopped in her tracks and looked at Ding Meng as she asked, “And this is?”

“My wife.” Qiao Yichen pulled on Ding Meng hands, bringing her next to him. “She came to sing for the children.”

Ding Meng smiled at Qin Sifan, “Hello, I’m Ding Meng.”

Qin Sifan paused briefly before smiling at her in return, “Hello, I’m Qin Sifan. Qiao Yichen and I studied at the same university. I suppose we could be considered classmates.”

The chairman of the children’s hospital also walked over at that moment. He recognized Ding Meng and smiled at them, “I’ve heard Miss Ding’s singing before. It’s very pleasant to the ears. The children will definitely be very happy that you’re willing to sing for them.”

Ding Meng spoke rather shyly, “I’m also very happy to be able to sing for them.”

The chairman laughed, “Well since everyone has arrived, let’s not continue standing out here. Let’s head over to the exercise room. The children are all there.”

Qiao Yichen nodded and pulled Ding Meng towards the exercise room.

As Qin Sifan walked next to them, she laughed, “I didn’t expect that you would bring your wife along.”

Qiao Yichen spoke, “She’s a singer so her skills are in singing. I am sure that her singing will be able to move the children here.”

Qin Sifan nodded and didn’t say anything more.

The exercise room was on the second floor. It was roughly two times as big as an ordinary classroom. There were about thirty something children sitting in their desks inside.

There were also three young adults in the classroom who were holding instruments in their hands. The chairman introduced these three as the hospital’s in-house music therapists. Today, they would all be performing music with them for the children. It would also be a good opportunity for the three to learn from Qin Sifan.

These three music therapists were all still very young. Originally, they had been very excited when they heard that Qiao Yichen would be coming today. They didn’t expect that Ding Meng would come as well.

The most excited of the three had already fished out her phone and was planning to flaunt on Weibo the fact that she had met the internet trending Evil Dog Torturing Pair.

Qiao Yichen immediately noticed her small movement so he spoke, “This event today is a private trip. I hope that no one announces this online. I’m sure that none of you want the children here to be bothered by others either.”

His words were directed at the girl that had reached for her phone. As a result, everyone’s eyes turned to her. The girl immediately felt awkward and quickly stuffed her phone away. “My apologies. I promise that I’ll zip my mouth shut regarding today’s event!”

Qiao Yichen didn’t say anymore. After the chairman also reminded everyone to refrain from taking pictures, he beamed at the children and introduced Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen. However, none of the children had much of a reaction.

There was a piano by the window of the exercise room. Qin Sifan smiled as she greeted everyone and gave an introduction. After that, she invited Qiao Yichen to play the piano.

Qiao Yichen glanced at Ding Meng at his side, “You sing and I’ll play the accompanying music.”

“Alright.” Ding Meng thought for a bit, “How about I sing White Bird? Everyone should be pretty familiar with that song.”

“Okay.” After walking over to the piano, Qiao Yichen sat down and opened the lid. His slender fingers jumped across the black and white keys. A graceful and familiar melody began to fill the entire room.

Ding Meng followed his tempo and slowly began to sing. “I want a pair of wings, to fly through the air like a bird.”

“Following the wind to welcome the rays, and head anywhere…”

As Ding Meng’s voice reached her skillful level of clarity and brightness, the children gradually became interested and began to look at her.

This was also Qin Sifan’s first time hearing Ding Meng sing. She was forced to admit that Ding Meng really did have a good voice. No wonder someone as infamously particular as Qiao Yichen had approved of her.

After the song ended, everyone appeared to be still immersed in the music. As he sat in front of the piano, Qiao Yichen looked over at Ding Meng and smiled, “Even though you’ve been so busy recently, it looks like you haven’t slacked off. You sang pretty well.”

Ding Meng bowed in his direction, “Thank you, judge.”

The nearby music therapists couldn’t help but start laughing. Qin Sifan looked over and waved for them to start playing their instruments as well.

An entire afternoon passed quickly. Occasionally, the children would even hum a few lines along with them. This made Qin Sifan extremely happy.

“Music therapy is a gradual process so we won’t be able to see immediate results. However, judging by the children’s reactions today, it had a really great effect. Thank you all for your hard work,” said Qin Sifan sincerely as Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng walked out.

Qiao Yichen laughed and replied, “No need for thanks. Music really does have the fascinating ability to move people emotionally. I hope that music can be of help to them. If you need anything else, please feel free to contact us.”

“Sounds good.” Qin Sifan stood straight and glanced at Ding Meng. Then she smiled at Qiao Yichen, “I’ll send you off from here. Get back safely.”

“Ok.” Qiao Yichen gave her a nod and watched her return to the second floor.

Ding Meng glanced at him and grinned, “Goudan, does that classmate of yours like you?”

Qiao Yichen stared blankly for a moment before turning around and looking at her. “Why do you ask?”

“Uh-huh, a woman’s intuition is very accurate.” The way that Qin Sifan looked at him was definitely not like that of a regular classmate. Thinking up to here, Ding Meng smiled at Qiao Yichen again, “Is it possible that she’s an old sweetheart?”

Qiao Yichen rushed to establish his innocence, “Of course not. Aren’t you my old sweetheart?”

“Huh, when have I ever been your old sweetheart?”

Qiao Yichen suddenly looked wronged, “You still refuse to admit what you did? My innocence and youth from my third year of middle school were all given to you.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She never received it!

She frowned and asked him, “I bet that Qin Sifan only invited you. You could’ve hung out with her alone. Why did you ask me to come along?”

Qiao Yichen replied, “Look, you’re already like this after I brought you along. If I hadn’t brought you along, wouldn’t my face be unrecognizable now?”

Ding Meng laughed, “Eh, you’re so careful.” Deliberately dragging her along to silently crush Qin Sifan’s hopes.

Qiao Yichen pulled her into an embrace and laughed, “Wife, I’m already a married man. Nobody should be harboring delusions about me anymore.”

Ding Meng laughed once, “You’re very confident.”

Qiao Yichen blinked, “Don’t you think I’m really attractive?”

Ding Meng replied, “Nope.”

Qiao Yichen questioned with persistance, “Look at me, don’t you really want to kiss me?”

Ding Meng frowned, “Nope.”

“But I really want to kiss you.” Qiao Yichen said in a low voice and planted a kiss on her lips.

Since she was caught off guard by the kiss, Ding Meng couldn’t help but feel briefly stunned. This made it even easier for Qiao Yichen to take advantage of her. When his tongue was just about to enter her mouth, she suddenly pushed him away and turned her head to the side, “You are such a shameless person!”

He was acting inappropriately even though they were still in the children’s hospital!

Qiao Yichen had managed to kiss his wife so getting yelled at didn’t bother him one bit, “If you think that this place is inappropriate, then let’s go home and continue…”

At that point, he suddenly stopped speaking and looked up at the second floor of the building. Ding Meng had been thinking about throwing a punch at him, but when she saw that he was staring upstairs, she turned around to look in the same direction.

A child was lying across the balcony, laughing at them as he watched.

Ding Meng, “…”

If she remembered correctly, this child was among those who had participated in the activities just now.

Practically dying of embarrassment, she vented her anger on Qiao Yichen, “Look at you, corrupting children!”

Qiao Yichen laughed, “Look at him. He’s actually smiling now and his expression is so lively. Looks like the way to treat autism is with love.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She used all of her strength to push away Qiao Yichen and walked away furiously.

Qiao Yichen waved at the child upstairs and then chased after Ding Meng.

After leaving the children’s hospital, the two of them ate dinner and then went home.

Ding Meng sprawled out on the sofa and exhaled deeply, “Ah– home is still the best.”

Qiao Yichen took off his jacket and propped himself against the sofa to look at her, “That’s because home is where your husband is.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Stop overestimating yourself!

“I’m going to take a bath.” She got up from the sofa and headed towards the bedroom. Qiao Yichen followed after like sticky candy, quickly sticking himself onto her, “Taking a bath sounds good, but by the looks of how tired you are, you might need someone to massage your back.”

Ding Meng’s mouth frowned. She didn’t say anything, but her steps sped up. She ran fast, but Qiao Yichen was even faster. He managed to squeeze his way in just before the door closed.

After a bath that rejuvinated the mind and body, Qiao Yichen hugged Ding Meng and refused to let go, “Wife, you were the one who said that distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

“…What’s your point?”

Qiao Yichen laughed ominously, “You know.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She didn’t know.

Qiao Yichen didn’t notice a major problem until after he had rapidly thrown off all her clothing.

All the condoms had been used up.

Qiao Yichen, “…”

The past two days, he had been so excited by the fact that Ding Meng was coming home that he had forgotten to prepare the most important thing.

Seeing his face full of black lines, Ding Meng laughed heartily. Qiao Yichen glared at her and said, “I don’t have to use a condom.”

Ding Meng replied, “Hah don’t even joke around. I still have a concert to hold.”

Qiao Yichen’s forehead furrowed deeply and he shamelessly buried his head next to her ear, “I regret it now. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have let you do the concert.”

Ding Meng simply grinned without saying a word.

Qiao Yichen jumped off her and threw on his clothing at lightning speeds, “There’s a 24 hour convenience store downstairs. I’ll be right back.”

Ding Meng, “…”

As she watched Qiao Yichen’s back as he was hurrying away, she contemplated the feasibility of falling asleep in five minutes.

Nah. Even if she did fall asleep, knowing Qiao Yichen’s animal nature, he would just shake her awake.

Either way, it would be an unavoidable calamity. Ding Meng laid flat without moving, accepting her fate, as if she had grasped the meaning behind some Buddhist sutra.

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