Marriage Concerto Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Mini Extra (2)

Ding Meng was still holding a bare bamboo skewer in her hands, and her expression looked rather foolish.

When she called out for them to stop just now, she was simply acting on an impulse. Now that they had actually stopped, she didn’t know what to say next.

However, that juvenile delinquent dressed like a student was unexpectedly the first to speak, “Yo, fat little girl, trying to be the beauty who rescues the hero? But no matter how I look at you, you don’t look like a beauty.”

His tone was full of ridicule. After he spoke, the two boys who were his companions also started laughing.

Ding Meng’s face gradually flushed red. She shouted at him angrily, “What are you laughing at?! At least I’m beautiful inside! Unlike you guys who look ugly and are even uglier inside”

The boy who was the ringleader immediately became infuriated and started walking towards her, “Who are you calling ugly? Huh?”

Ding Meng raised up the bamboo skewer that she had just polished clean and took two steps back, “I’m warning you. You had better not come closer. My grandpa is Ding Chunqiu!”

“Haha, Ding Chunqiu? Why didn’t you just call yourself Xiao Long Nu?”

T/N: AAHH QYC made a reference to this in Chapter 13! Ding Chunqiu is a big villain in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. Xiao Long Nu (literally ‘Little Dragon Maiden’) is the main female protagonist in The Return of the Condor Heroes. Both are really popular Jin Yong novels! I totally recommend watching the Chinese drama adaptations! There are subbed versions out there, and they are so SO epic.

As she watched the bully walk closer step by step, Ding Meng continued retreating backwards. Qiao Yichen flung his schoolbag off his shoulder and walked forward.

The bully looked at the person who had suddenly appeared in front of Ding Meng. Raising an eyebrow, he asked, “Yo, now a hero has come to rescue the beauty? Well who’s your grandpa?”

Qiao Yichen responded calmly, “Qiao Feng.”

T/N: LOL Qiao Feng is a super OP main character in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

The bully, “…”

After several rounds, the bully fell to the ground in defeat. As he watched Qiao Yichen walk away, he reflected deeply on where he had made a mistake.

…He hadn’t expected that there was someone out there who liked a fat little girl like her.

When Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen reached the bus station, Ding Meng was a bit worried about his injuries, “Does your face hurt?”

Qiao Yichen snorted in disdain, “From moves like theirs which were just for show? As if.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She passed over a paper napkin and spoke again, “If you go home like this, your mom is definitely going to scold you. Want me to go help you give an explanation?”

“It’s fine.” Qiao Yichen looked at her impatiently, “Line 19 is here. You should hurry up and go.”

Even though Ding Meng was rather worried, she still boarded the bus and left.

The next day when Qiao Yichen came to class, the homeroom teacher saw that his face had clearly been injured through a fight and sent him to the office to inquire about his injuries.

The inquiring ended up taking a whole period.

As Ding Meng sat in her seat, she couldn’t help but worry that his parents would be called in again.

Wanting to explain yesterday’s events to the homeroom teacher, Ding Meng ran over to the office door immediately after the class dismissal bell rang. However, she discovered that Qiao Yichen and the boy that they had rescued yesterday were both present.

The boy looked at Qiao Yichen and spoke in a very worried tone, “How are your injuries? I already gave the teacher an explanation. Thank you for saving me yesterday.”

Qiao Yichen replied rather impatiently, “I wasn’t saving you.”

The boy kept following him and even held out a little bottle of medicine, “This is some Dit Da Jow that my dad brought back from Hong Kong. It’s really effective. Let me help you put some on.”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows wrinkled as he spoke, “So annoying. What’s the big deal if a man gets a little hurt?”

However, the boy kept following him and continued to ask about his well-being.

Ding Meng, “…”

She returned to the classroom in silence and sat down in her seat.

…Ah, love.

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T/N: LOL poor young QYC, always so misunderstood.


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