Marriage Concerto Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Mini Extra (1)

Qiao Yichen had flunked yet another exam. The math teacher scolded him fiercely. If he didn’t solve all the problems that were incorrect, he wouldn’t be allowed to go home.

As his ‘academic coach’, Ding Meng was unfortunately forced to stay behind with him.

“It’s still wrong.” Ding Meng really wanted to roll her eyes back like a dead fish. “I already told you to move the variables first and then combine like terms. Why can’t you even solve such an easy problem?!”

Qiao Yichen raised his head to shoot her a glance before continuing to solve the problem in silence.

Ding Meng’s stomach rumbled extremely loudly.

“So hungry.” She laid on her school desk listlessly as she looked at the color of the sky outside. “It’s already past 6 o’clock. Everyone has already left.”

“I’ll treat you to grilled meat later. Going now is perfect because there won’t be many people”

Ding Meng glanced at his exam and spoke with despair, “By the time you finish correcting all the problems, they’ll be closing up shop.”

Qiao Yichen, “…”

The tip of his pencil started scribbling faster.

A short while later, he handed over the exam, “I’m done with the corrections”

Ding Meng took it and gave it a glance. She muttered hesitantly, “Uh, they’re correct.”

Qiao Yichen, “…”

That expression on your face betrays what you really think.

However, Qiao Yichen was dying for her to let him off easy. Therefore, as if he was scared that she would change her mind, he quickly stuffed the exam into his bag, “Then let’s go.”

“Okay.” Ding Meng picked up her schoolbag and walked out of the classroom with him after closing the lights and door.

The grilled meat shop that Qiao Yichen had spoke of was located by the rear entrance of the school. It made a lot of business, and, usually, many students went there to buy food. Since nearly all the students had left, they didn’t need to wait in line. The only downside was that there wasn’t much of the good food left.

However, Ding Meng didn’t mind. In any case, this was Qiao Yichen’s treat. The two of them grabbed a pile of food to eat and departed satisfied.

“This is all the money that you have in your wallet?”

A fierce male voice came from the opening of an alleyway. Ding Meng went over to take a look while gnawing on the chicken wing in her hand. One boy was being pushed against a wall by another boy as two other boys watched from the sidelines.

The boy that was pushed against the wall seemed to be from the neighboring class, and she had even spoken to him before.

“That’s really all the money that I have…” After the boy uttered those words in a small voice, he was immediately punched in the face.

Ding Meng swallowed the chicken wing in her mouth and walked up to shout, “STOP!”

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