Marriage Concerto Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Newlyweds living separately – aren’t you scared of having marital problems?

It could be considered a dream of every singer to hold a solo concert. It was also a sign of acknowledgement for a singer.

As a newcomer who hadn’t even debuted for a full year, Ding Meng really felt like she had won five million dollars after hearing that the company wanted to hold a solo concert for her.

Apparently, making a wish on Ferris wheels was still pretty effective. orz

Seeing that Ding Meng was silent, Jiang Man continued, “However, you don’t have that many songs of your own right now so the scale of this concert won’t be very large. In addition, there will only be two showings in A City.”

Ding Meng nodded, “Okay, this has already been a really pleasant surprise.”

Jiang Man laughed, “Wait until you’ve released more songs. At that time, it won’t even be a problem to arrange a nationwide tour. I will followup with the concert details. Qiao Yichen has already volunteered to take on the position of music director.”

After blanking out for a second, Ding Meng blinked at Jiang Man, “He already knows about the concert?” She had been planning on going over and surprising him.

Jiang Man responded, “He was the one who proposed the idea of holding a concert for you to CEO Xiang.”

Ding Meng’s eyes opened wide but she didn’t speak.

“Your album is selling really well right now. The company will plan several signing events for you. I will contact you after the times and places are confirmed. Additionally, I received offers from three advertising companies today. Go ahead and choose two of them to accept.”

Ding Meng was rather confused, “Can’t we accept all three?”

Jiang Man spoke, “You’ll be on a really tight schedule if you accept all three.”

Ding Meng spoke, “That’s fine. I can spend less time resting.” Advertisements were the best way to make money. It was only natural that she wanted to accept more while she was currently popular. Seeing the numbers in her bank account rise slowly would make her heart feel happy and at peace.

Jiang Man laughed out loud, “Of course, if you’re not worried about being tired, I also hope that you can earn some more money for the company.” She typed on the computer as she spoke, “I have already sent the details to your email. Two are snack advertisements and one is for shampoo.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look in a moment.” After speaking, she felt a little odd. “Why do so many snack advertising companies like coming to me?”

Jiang Man responded, “Because you have a face that looks like it really enjoys eating snacks.”

Ding Meng, “…”

What does a face that really enjoys eating snacks look like?!

Brimming with excitement, she ran over to Qiao Yichen’s office and told him that she was about to strike it rich. Contrary to expectations, Qiao Yichen’s face fell after he finished listening to her. “Why are you working yourself so hard? It’s not like I can’t provide for you.”

Ding Meng responded seriously, “Collecting money is my hobby. You’re not allowed to deprive me of this.”

Qiao Yichen, “…”

After taking a glance at her newest itinerary, he looked up at her, “You’re a busy person now. You don’t have time to accompany me anymore.”

Ding Meng laughed, propping her hands up on the table as she looked at him, “Nanqing invited me to eat chuan chuan tonight to celebrate the big album sales. Would you like to come with me?”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows raised, “Chuan chuan? At the same restaurant as last time? Didn’t I say that you weren’t allowed to go to that restaurant anymore?”

Ding Meng pouted, “Oh, then don’t come.”

“Of course I’m going.” If he didn’t go, she would just eat spicy foods without restraint. “But you’re going to celebrate by eating chuan chuan?” Wasn’t barbecue more suitable?

Ding Meng responded, “What’s wrong with chuan chuan? It’s only natural that I eat my favorite food at the celebration dinner.”

Qiao Yichen laughed, “Alright, you have a point. I’ll come looking for you in the afternoon after work.”

“Okay,” said Ding Meng as she prepared to leave Qiao Yichen’s office. Then, she paused to look at him. “I heard from Manager Jiang that you were the one who suggested the concert.”

“Yup. After the concert ends, let’s go on our honeymoon.”

Ding Meng’s long lashes trembled a bit. She rushed over abruptly and planted a kiss on his lips, “Thank you Goudan.”

After speaking, she quickly dashed out of his office.

After blanking out for a moment, Qiao Yichen lifted a hand to touch his lower lip and grinned silently.

After work ended in the afternoon, the two drove to 10 Li of Floating Fragrance. As she sat in the passenger seat, Ding Meng finally had the free time to flip through Weibo.

People on the internet were still passionately discussing her new album and yesterday’s wedding with Qiao Yichen. After spending some time looking at the pictures that had emerged from the wedding, she spoke to Qiao Yichen who was beside her, “Goudan, I never once imagined that so many people would pay attention to my wedding.

Qiao Yichen let out a laugh, “I also never imagined that I would get married to a female singer.”

Ding Meng winked, “Is it possible that you imagined that you would get married to a male singer?”

Qiao Yichen, “…”

“Ay speaking of that, I wonder whether or not the matter of you liking Zhen Shuai has been leaked onto the internet by our middle school classmates.” Ding Meng’s eyes shined brightly.

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows wrinkled. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was currently driving, he definitely would have flicked her head on the spot. “What’s this about me liking Zhen Shuai?”

“Don’t deny it. Our entire grade knew about it.” As Ding Meng spoke, she couldn’t stop herself from breaking into laughter.

Qiao Yichen gave her a warning look, “I’ve said before, if you dare speak nonsense about me on the internet again…”

Ding Meng, “…”

Judging by his roguish expression, she knew exactly what he had in mind.

There weren’t many guests present yet when they arrived at 10 Li of Floating Fragrance. All the LCD TVs in the first floor room were playing a song from Ding Meng’s new album, Colorful Kiss.

Guided by the waiter, she and Qiao Yichen managed to enter the private room quietly without getting recognized by anyone.

Jiang Nanqing and Xiao Zhuo-zi were both already inside the private room. When they saw Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen enter, they immediately set off the fireworks in their hands. With a *peng* sound, multicolored fireworks flew into the air.

“Congratulations to Lemon Leader for her hit album! Uniting the Jianghu for all eternity!” The left and right protectors of the Main Little Lemon Division chanted in unison.

Ding Meng, “…”

She smiled imperceptibly as she sat down in her seat, “Okay, you both may rise.”

The left and right protectors, “…”

The waiter let out a laugh from the sidelines, “Lemon Leader, why don’t order some dishes first.”

After Ding Meng ordered a round of all the dishes that she liked, she looked over at Qiao Yichen. When Qiao Yichen shook his head, Ding Meng turned back to the waiter and said, “We’ll just start off by ordering these.”


After the waiter left, Jiang Nan looked at Ding Meng and said, “Tonight’s meal should be your treat.”

Ding Meng responded, “We just treated you guys to a meal yesterday. You guys want us to treat the two of you again today?”

Jiang Nanqing spoke, “But we also gave you wedding money yesterday! This big sister donated a whole month of pay to you!”

Ding Meng laughed, “Then why don’t the two of you choose a lucky day to seal the deal? I’ll give you money as well.”

Jiang Nanqing froze for a second. Her face flashed red, “What nonsense are you saying? Xiao Zhuo-zi and I are very pure and innocent!”

Then, as if she had suddenly remembered something, she looked at Ding Meng bashfully, “However, yesterday’s best man was both tall and handsome. Yesterday was so hectic that I didn’t even get to speak to him.”

Ding Meng froze. Then, she blinked quickly, “Are you talking about Qiao Yixing? He’s Goudan’s older brother.”

Goudan immediately glared at her.

Ding Meng promptly corrected herself, “He’s Yichen’s older brother.”

Jiang Nanqing glanced at Qiao Yichen, still as bashfully as before, “I also heard that he was the groom’s older brother.”

Qiao Yichen’s eyes flashed. Then, he grinned suddenly, “Do you want me to give you his contact info?”

Jiang Nanqing looked at him with pleasant surprise, “Could you? Ah…but would this method be too much a bother?”

“No way, not at all. You can bother him as much as you like.” The smile on Qiao Yichen’s face grew even larger as he gave Qiao Yixing’s phone number to Jiang Nanqing without a second thought.

Jiang Nanqing happily stored the number into her phone.

Xiao Zhuo-zi sat on the sidelines with a heart that had shattered long ago.

On the road home after finishing chuan chuan, Ding Meng still felt uneasy, “Was it really okay to give your big brother’s phone number to Nanqing like that?”

In her heart, she also hoped that Jiang Nanqing would find a partner as quickly as possible, but Jiang Nanqing had been repressed in that department for so many years. Suddenly throwing Jiang Nanqing a quality guy like Qiao Yixing made Ding Meng really worried that something regrettable would occur.

Qiao Yichen laughed, “Relax, my brother is very skilled at dealing with the ladies.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Now, she was starting to worry for Jiang Nanqing.

As if he could see that she was worried, Qiao Yichen laughed as he spoke, “My brother isn’t a casual sort of person. I think that Jiang Nanqing and Xiao Zhuo-zi suit each other pretty well”

Ding Meng raised an eyebrow, “Then why did you still give your brother’s phone number to her?”

Qiao Yichen shot her a secretive look, “How would the two of them be able to make any progress without some help?”

Ding Meng, “…”

What did that mean? Why was his expression so piercing?

She started to worry for Qiao Yixing again.

She never did find out if Jiang Nanqing contacted Qiao Yixing or not, but the second season of Heavenly Voice premiered with much fanfare.

Just like last time, Qiao Yichen was invited to be a judge on the competition. Qiao Yichen had his hands full with Ding Meng’s concert and Sima Xiaoxiao’s new album, but he still accepted the program producers’ invitation.

Xiang Guang, the boss of Guangchen, was very pleased with the work ethic of this husband and wife duo. Even though they had just recently held their wedding, the two had buried themselves in their work, spending great effort to earn money for the company. He almost wanted to give them model worker awards.

The itinerary for Ding Meng’s signing events had already been been finalized. They were going to take place in five cities across the country, which also meant that she would not be in A City for the entire coming week.

The day before setting off, she still had to record a video in the dance room.

The dance in the MV for Love That Arrived Unexpectedly, where she lead a large crowd of dancers in an amusement park, had sparked a popular trend where people copied song’s dance moves. Even the plaza dancing grannies were dancing to this song in the public plazas.

Ding Meng’s jaw dropped when she watched the videos posted by people online. The album had only been released for several days! These grannies had learned so quickly and actually looked rather cool.

After seeing the popularity of the dance, the company asked Ding Meng to record a video teaching the choreography and post it onto the internet so that even more people could learn it. Even though Ding Meng had agreed, she was actually rather scared…Would this song become a public plaza dancing anthem?

Since she needed to leave for D City the next day, she ended work and returned home right after recording the dance video. Qiao Yichen still hadn’t come home; he was most likely still at the Heavenly Voice production. Ding Meng washed her hands and began preparing dinner.

Qiao Yichen returned home a little past seven right as Ding Meng finished preparing dinner. Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows arched as he looked at the table full of dishes. As he took off his necktie, he said, “Are you trying to win me over because you know that you’re leaving tomorrow?”

Ding Meng laughed, “It’s only for a little over a week. I’ll be back before you know it.”

After Qiao Yichen sat in front of the dinner table, he looked up at her, “Newlyweds living separately – aren’t you scared of having marital problems?”

Ding Meng felt like that was rather silly. After all, the anniversary of their wedding date had already passed.

Ding Meng sat down across from him. Resting her head on her hands, she looked at him, “Goudan, absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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