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Chapter 65: This isn’t a miracle

The huge diamond on the ring sent Ding Meng into a momentary daze.

“This is…” She picked the ring up carefully and looked up at Qiao Yichen sitting across from her.

Qiao Yichen replied, “Of course it’s a wedding ring. I didn’t prepare anything for you when we were married. Now I’m making up for that one item at a time.” The corners of his mouth curved upwards as he spoke up to there and grinned at Ding Meng, “That includes our honeymoon.”

Ding Meng’s eyes flickered. Then, she laughed out loud, “Didn’t our honeymoon phase end a long time ago?”

“Who said that? We’ve been in our honeymoon phase this entire time.” He took the ring from Ding Meng’s hand and laughed, “Give me your hand. I’ll help you put it on.”

Ding Meng smiled and extended her left hand.

Qiao Yichen lifted her hand. He admired it for a moment and then praised, “My wife’s hands are really pretty. Her fingers are like green onion stalks.”

Ding Meng laughed out loud, “Why didn’t I hear you speak this smoothly back when I used to make you recite texts?”

Qiao Yichen said, “Reciting texts is so forced. I’m sincerely expressing my thoughts right now. Of course I’d be more smooth.” He slowly placed the ring on Ding Meng’s ring finger as he said, “Ok, I’ve put a ring on my wife. There’s no escaping anymore.”

Ding Meng laughed and lifted up her left hand to take a look. The diamond twinkled brightly against the light. She frowned slightly, “The ring really is very pretty, but wouldn’t wearing this out in public be too much?”

Qiao Yichen thought for a moment, “Then I’ll buy you another one that’s more low-key some other day.”

“No, that’s fine. Who buys two wedding rings?” Ding Meng picked up a slice of cake and handed it to Qiao Yichen, “Have some cake.”

After accepting the cake, Qiao Yichen used his index finger to pick up some cream and held it by Ding Meng’s mouth, “Wife, I’ll feed you.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She swatted away Qiao Yichen’s hand and looked down as she silently ate her cake.

Qiao Yichen chuckled and placed his finger in his own mouth which immediately filled with the sweet taste of the cream.

After Ding Meng’s birthday passed, May also came to a close.

Aside from working on the album’s finishing touches, Qiao Yichen was also busily planning the wedding ceremony. Making the wedding invitations, planning the seating arrangements – everything had to be done personally by him.

Ding Meng wasn’t slacking off either. Not only did she work with him to handle the wedding ceremony matters, she even accepted a few gigs to appear on music TV programs to promote her upcoming album.

On June 20th, Ding Meng’s new album Thank You finally went on sale as planned.

Meanwhile, Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen’s wedding proceeded in the presence of their close family, friends, and a priest.

Ding Meng had asked Jiang Nanqing to be her maid of honor. The eyes of this maid of honor were blinded immediately by the extremely large wedding portrait hanging in the assembly hall.

Even though she had previously witnessed their public displays of affection on Weibo, seeing it in person was truly a different story.

Holding onto Papa Ding’s arm, Ding Meng entered the assembly hall and walked towards Qiao Yichen, one step at a time to the melody of the wedding march.

Their vows, the ring exchange, the kiss – although everything had been planned long in advance, the newlyweds brimmed with such happiness that the emotion spread to everyone who was present.

Before the reception started, Qiao Yichen pulled Ding Meng off to the side and asked her, “Do you know how the album sales are going?”

“How are they doing?” As if she was a student waiting for her report card, Ding Meng tensed up immediately.

Qiao Yichen said, “Even though it was only released a few hours ago, the number of sales has already broken past 100,000 copies, and it’s still climbing.”

“Really?” Even though this number was still far from the unbelievable prediction that Qiao Yichen had made earlier, it was enough to make Ding Meng really happy. “I had actually been really worried that no one would buy it.”

“How could it be possible that no one would buy it? I’m very confident in this both this album and you.”

Some friends walked over as soon as Qiao Yichen finished speaking, “Why are you two hiding here? Don’t think that hiding here will save you two from giving toasts.”

Hearing the word “toasts” made Ding Meng’s expression sour a little. However, there would be no escape on this occasion. Qiao Yichen found two especially small shot glasses and grabbed a bottle of weak alcohol before leading Ding Meng around to give toasts.

Because Ding Meng made a living off her voice, her maid of honor, Jiang Nanqing, drank quite a bit of alcohol on her behalf. Qiao Yichen watched from the side with concern, “Is it okay for her to drink this much?”

Ding Meng said, “Nanqing is a tank, but continuing to drink like this isn’t sustainable. We had better finish toasting as quickly as possible.”

Weddings have always required a lot of physical strength. The two had to run around for the entire day with hardly a chance to even eat. The itinerary had been very packed because many of the guests that they had invited were members of the industry. Therefore, everyone departed in succession after the reception, and there was absolutely no disturbing the bridal chamber nonsense.

Despite that, Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng didn’t get home until it was almost 11pm. Ding Meng lay paralyzed on the sofa as she spoke weakly, “I don’t want to ever get married again.”

Qiao Yichen took off his suit jacket and glanced over at her, “Don’t worry. You’re never going to have another opportunity.”

Ding Meng made a face and didn’t say another word. After a while, she appeared to regain her spirits and asked, “How are the album sales doing now?”

Qiao Yichen pretended to be wronged, “Today was our big day, but all you care about are the album sales.”

…Then you shouldn’t have planned the album release to be today. Ding Meng cursed silently.

Qiao Yichen came over to sit beside her and showed Ding Meng the update that Jiang Man had just sent to him.

Ding Meng took a deep breath and looked at the screen.

Her eyes shook. Even after counting the zeroes in the text message several times over, she still felt uncertain, “Over one million…?”

Qiao Yichen smiled, “In the music industry right now, only singers at the level of Mo Zhen and Gu Xin can break one million on the first day of release.”

Ding Meng pursed her lips together tightly. She knew. She knew that the current market for albums was not what it once was. She knew that this sort of an achievement as a newcomer was simply a miracle.

She grabbed Qiao Yichen’s hand emotionally, “Goudan, we created a miracle!” As she spoke, her eyes flickered with a light that was even more dazzling than the stars in the night sky.

Qiao Yichen spoke calmly as he looked at her, “This isn’t a miracle. This is the product of all the time you spent hard at work. Thank you for giving me the greatest album.”

The corners of Ding Meng’s mouth loosened gradually to form a small smile, “I should be the one thanking you…”

Qiao Yichen said, “Can we stop talking about the album now?”

Ding Meng asked, “Then, what do you want to talk about?”

Qiao Yichen winked, “For example, the bridal chamber.”

Ding Meng, “…”

The next day, coverage of Ding Meng’s new album was overwhelming.

“Ding Meng’s debut album sold over a million copies on the first day. Will she overtake Sima Xiaoxiao and become the empress of the next generation of music?”

“Ding Meng’s full length album Thank You sold an insane million copies on its first day of release. The media has acclaimed her as a soul singer.”

“Qiao Yichen is creating a legend. Thank You, the album that he personally composed for his beloved wife, is a huge success and has earned unanimous public praise.”

“The number of sales for Ding Meng’s full length album continues to rise. Music industry veteran Wang Simiao has praised each song for being a quality piece of work.”

There was a lot of coverage by the media, and there was also a myriad of comments made online.

“Keep it up, Lemon Leader! Praying that the number of album sales breaks ten million!”

“Hahaha, dying of laughter. Ding Meng’s fans are actually talking about breaking ten million. I bet the higher ups just conjured up the number one million. In reality, it’s questionable that the number of sales has even passed a hundred thousand.”

“Guangchen’s PR isn’t bad at all. Are they really boasting about their own singer like this without any shame?” *smile*”

“I don’t know about anything else. I just know that many people at my school have bought it. Don’t underestimate the number of Little Lemons. :)”

“The album is crazy awesome!! Today, I’m going to buy ten more copies to give to others! QAQ”

“I don’t know if the numbers have been overestimated, but every song is really good. The MVs are also fantastic. Listening to Thank You made me cry T^T.”

“Those who say that not even 100,000 copies were sold, don’t come here to joke around, okay? *bye* Take a listen before judging whether or not it’s worthy of that many sales.”

“This was the most impressive album that I’ve bought in recent years. I’ve been listening to every song on repeat like crazy as if they were singles.”

“This is worthy of being the album gifted by Qiao Dada to his wife. The song lyrics are simply packed with love *crying laugh* This is truly the highest level of dog abuse *crying laugh*.”

“My whole neighborhood went to buy it together. Unconvinced? :)”

“The chuan chuan store downstairs has been playing Colorful Kiss non-stop. This song *crying laugh* has successfully convinced me. I’m planning on buying a copy right now *crying laugh*”

“Just publicize if you’re gonna publicize. Why are you dragging my Xiaoxiao into it *bye*.”

“That article is beyond shady, isn’t it? Purposely sowing discord between Ding Meng and Sima Xiaoxiao?”

“Besides, Gu Xin posted on Weibo that this album is praiseworthy. I believe my Handsome Gu so I’m planning to go buy it~”

“Sorry for changing the topic, but Lemon Leader and Qiao dada’s wedding candies are really yummy ah 2333333333333.”

“Holy crap, just now Mo Zhen shared a picture of his signed copy of Thank You and wedding candies!!!!”

“I also saw Emperor Mo’s Weibo post!! He must have bought it for his wife. It’s signed ‘To: Ah Yao’ ah!”

“My great Lemon Leader has conquered all of my male idols. I feel like she’s going to rule the universe *crying laugh*”

“Not a Little Lemon. Yesterday I heard this album at my little sister’s place and was stunned. I decided to buy a copy for myself today, but sadly there weren’t wedding candies if you bought one today QwQ.”

“What the hell is up with that article that mentioned Xiaoxiao?! Praising one while trampling on another; there’s no need to be so hateful!”

Right after waking up in the morning, Ding Meng went online to read the news coverage on the album. When she saw the article that said that she wanted to overthrow Sima Xiaoxiao, her small heart actually trembled a bit.

The author of this article was definitely trying to make her look bad! Even though Sima Xiaoxiao hadn’t released an album in two years, her title within the pop music industry wouldn’t be that shaken that easily, let alone by a newcomer like herself who had debuted barely a year ago.

She was a little worried that Sima Xiaoxiao would be unhappy with her. Originally, she had wanted to send Sima Xiaoxiao a PM, but as soon as she opened Weibo, she discovered that Sima Xiaoxiao had just posted a message.

Sima Xiaoxiao (V): It’s only been a little over two years since I last released an album, yet there are already people saying that I’m past my prime *smile* I’ve listened to Ding Meng’s album. It’s classy in every regard, and it has given me the sudden urge to sing 🙂 The planning for the production of my new album has already been scheduled. I anticipate for it to be released sometime early next year.”

At the end of message, she even included a picture of the album and a box of wedding candies.

Ding Meng stared blankly for a moment. Sima Xiaoxiao was simply too awesome. She had practically become Sima Xiaoxiao fangirl! Ding Meng quickly reposted Sima Xiaoxiao’s post, “Thank you for your acknowledgement. I’m really looking forward to your new album. *heart*”

The two fan groups which had been readying their pitchforks exploded immediately.

“Holy crap, Xiaoxiao is planning to release an album! I’m so moved that I’m crying QAQ”

“Thank you Ding Meng! If only you had released an album earlier! Since you’ve inspired Xiaoxiao to want to sing again, I’ll purchase five copies of your album!”

“Lemon Leader and Xiaoxiao are on great terms. Everyone put down your pitchforks ^_^”

“I like this kind of positive competition. A so-called empress needs both outstanding singing skill as well as a good character.”

“Only by meeting a good rival can one continually make progress. Lemon Leader and Xiaoxiao both need to keep up the good work! ↖(^ω^)↗”

“I feel like the music industry is finally full of vitality again. Feeling emotional QAQ.”

“It’s just like what Handsome Gu said when he received the award. The music industry cannot be without newcomers. Thank you Ding Meng for bringing us this album. It’s awesome.”

Ding Meng finally breathed a sigh of relief. Afterwards, she was summoned to Jiang Man’s office.

“Congratulations, the album sales are great. The company plans on holding a solo concert for you at the end of the year.” Right off the bat, Jiang Man casually threw a huge bomb at Ding Meng.

T/N: Fun fact! The ring finger/4th finger in Chinese is called the “unnamed finger”. Why? Apparently because there was no good way to describe it. The thumb is “big finger”, the pinky is “small finger”, the middle finger is…“middle finger”, and the index finger is “food finger”. The fourth was just pretty useless and non distinct 😛

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