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Chapter 63: Ah, we have a wedding shoot on those two days.

May arrived in a flash, and Ding Meng’s album had already reached its final stages. Qiao Yichen proposed that they go abroad to film the MVs for Love and Colorful Kiss.

Following discussions with the company, the filming location was chosen to be set in France. Everyone was settling the final itinerary in Jiang Man’s office.

“You’ll be leaving on May 4th and returning on the 10th. It’ll last a week.” Jiang Man handed printouts of the itinerary to Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng. “What about the album’s title song Thank You? Have you finished thinking about the Thank You MV yet?””

“Ah, about that. I want to use a video that my fans sent me previously.” Ding Meng set down the A4 paper in her hands and looked at Jiang Man as she spoke, “It contains clips from when I participated in the competition up till I performed in the Commemoration Concert. I think it really suits this song.”

Jiang Man thought for a bit before responding, “The message isn’t bad, but as the top song’s MV, it’s a little shoddy.”

Qiao Yichen spoke up from the side, “Every song in this album is a top song.”

Jiang Man looked at him and laughed, “Great Producer Qiao seems to have a lot of confidence.”

Qiao Yichen raised an eyebrow, “Not a single song in this album was used to fill up space. Each song can be considered a piece of quality work on its own. If you want to keep up appearances, the lyrics to Love, Colorful Kiss, and Thank You were written by Ding Meng so let’s just proceed according to her way of thinking.”

Jiang Man grinned as she looked at him, “Praise needs to come from the mouths of others to be convincing.”

Qiao Yichen responded, “That’s my professional opinion.”

Jiang Man laughed, not bothering to pursue the matter, “Ok. The MV can be completed as Ding Meng has suggested. The company’s staff will take charge of negotiating the copyrights to the video.”

“Okay.” Ding Meng picked up the itinerary again and looked at it, “Eh, what’s going on during the two free days in the middle?”

Originally, when she heard that they were going abroad to a film the MV, she had already been very shocked. She was really worried that they would lose money with such big production costs. After Jiang Man said that they were going for a week, she became even more convinced that she would have to pay for the losses. She had actually wanted to ask if the itinerary could be shortened. She didn’t expect that there would actually be two free days.

Was it done to let them have fun abroad? Wasn’t that treatment fit for kings and queens…?

Qiao Yichen spoke calmly from the side, “Ah, we have a wedding shoot on those two days.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Why did the wedding shoot have to coincide with a business trip? …Hold on!

“We’re having our wedding shoot abroad?”

Qiao Yichen nodded, “It just happens that we’re going to film abroad. We might as well lump them together. I’ve already booked a photographer.”

Ding Meng, “…”

It did seem like Qiao Yichen was the first person to suggest going abroad to film the MV…

“What’s the matter?” Qiao Yichen raised an eyebrow as he looked at her.

Ding Meng laughed, “Nothing.” Goudan wouldn’t dare to use his authority at work for private reasons.

“That’s enough.” Jiang Man couldn’t keep watching from the sidelines. She wrinkled her brows with disgust, “You two can leave now. Don’t stay here and make people feel nauseous.”

Ding Meng, “…”

To his credit, Qiao Yichen stood up without any change in expression and pulled Ding Meng along as he walked out.

While Ding Meng walked next to Qiao Yichen, as if she was seeking confirmation, she asked him, “Are we really going to France to have our wedding shoot?”

“Yep. The wedding dress is going to be made in France anyways. Plus, the designer is also in France. If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, it will be easy to fix.”

Ding Meng, “…”

How headstrong. It sounded like they were going to be spending a lot of money hah hah.

On the morning of the 4th, Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen followed the production crew to France. Since the hotel had been booked in advance, everyone went ahead and picked up their room keys from the front desk immediately upon arrival.

The company coordinator who came with them handed a room key to Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen and laughed ambiguously, “You guys are in Room 1206.”

Somewhat embarrassed, Ding Meng wrinkled her eyebrows, “Qiao Yichen and I are staying in the same room?”

Qiao Yichen looked back at her, “If not then where?”

Ding Meng, “…”

This is basically shame play! You really don’t think so?!

However, Qiao Yichen actually didn’t think so. The most important thing to him was sleeping in the same room as his wife.

Still smiling, the coordinator continued, “It’s very normal for a married couple like you two to sleep together. Plus, it saves the company money.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Nothing was done on the first day after arriving to France. It was simply used to adjust to the new time zone and complete the pre-filming preparations. Before daybreak on the second day, Ding Meng got up to get styled for Colorful Kiss.

As previously stated, the arrangement of this song was very trendy. Therefore, the looks that the stylist had planned for Ding Meng were also very trendy.

Not only did she have to change into ten different outfits during the duration of that short MV which was only several minutes long, she even had to get her nails painted in a different color for each outfit.

Every single second spent abroad cost money, causing Ding Meng to panic as she watched the stylist paint her fingernails slowly.

“Don’t rush. Painting fingernails is a meticulous task.” Although the stylist was French, he spoke to Ding Meng in English. Despite never traveling abroad before, Ding Meng had learned English very well in her childhood. At the very least, she had always participated enthusiastically in the weekly school organized English classes for the opportunity to practice speaking with foreigners.

Therefore, she was rather calm when she spoke with the stylist. Originally, she had wanted to tell him that some shots wouldn’t even capture the nails and that it wasn’t necessary to paint on a new coat for every outfit. However, when she saw how serious he looked, she felt a bit hesitant to say anything out loud.

“Okay, take your time.” All she could do was smile at the stylist.

The MV for Colorful Kiss took three full days to film. The majority of the time was spent changing outfits. Not only did she have to switch outfits, but after each wardrobe change, her hair and makeup also had to be redone. The stylist worked very precisely and didn’t cut any corners at all.

“Oh, extremely beautiful. This style really suits you. It looks classically Eastern, yet it also carries a Western flair.” The stylist couldn’t stop praising Ding Meng’s current look. “If you participated in the Paris Fashion Week right now, you would be able to attract a large amount of attention.”

Ding Meng felt rather embarrassed as she thanked him. After waiting for a long time, the director finally called everyone to get into position. This scene was very simple. Ding Meng simply had to hold gorgeously painted balloons and walk through the public square.

Even though getting ready had taken so long, only a few scenes would actually make it into the MV.

Thinking about that made Ding Meng’s heart hurt.

As she faced the glass door of a cafe on the street, she took a picture of the reflection and posted it on Weibo, “On our third day in France, we finally finished filming the MV for a song. Looking forward to seeing the finished product =3=”

Even though she had uploaded pictures of her surroundings onto Weibo every day after arriving in France, this was the first time that she had taken a selfie. Therefore, her fans were sent into a flurry of excitement.

“Damn, Lemon Leader’s beauty has reached new heights QAQ”

“Her nails are done so prettily. They must have taken several hours to complete orz”

“Jealous of Qiao dada. Don’t ask me what I’m jealous about *smile*”

“Looking forward to the new album. There’s still a month! Lemon Leader, xoxo!”

“My Lemon Leader is using her good looks to dominate the singing industry *doge*”

“Lemon Leader, don’t focus solely on work! You should also torture dogs occasionally :)”

Ding Meng thought, yup, tomorrow she would be torturing dogs because she would be taking wedding pictures with Qiao Yichen.

She had previously managed to find some time to try on the wedding dress. It was so beautiful that she wanted to cry. The fit was also very suitable so it didn’t need any alterations at all.

Even up to the last second, she didn’t dare ask Qiao Yichen about the cost of the dress.

The wedding dress pictures were taken at a large church. There was even a large flower garden outside of the church which was very beautiful. When Ding Meng came out wearing her dress which trailed along the ground, Qiao Yichen who was standing next to the stained glass windows turned around instinctively.

As Ding Meng smiled at him, Qiao Yichen’s eyes lit up.

He silently extended his hand to Ding Meng. Ding Meng arched an eyebrow, walking up and placing her hand in his palm.

The photographer clicked the shutter, capturing the image.

In order to make the wedding pictures beautiful, the photographer exerted a lot of effort. At times, he climbed up high. At other times, he kneeled down on the grass. Watching him made people feel a bit of pity.

The sunshine today was very good. The air even carried the faint fragrance of flowers. Ding Meng raised her head to look the person holding her by the hand. She couldn’t hide the smile on her face, “Goudan, I really feel like a princess!”

Qiao Yichen bowed his head and chuckled, looking at her to speak, “But no prince would be called Goudan.”

Ding Meng laughed, “There is! Aren’t you?”

The photographer nearby said the word, “Kiss.” Qiao Yichen lowered his head slightly and kissed Ding Meng’s lips, “The prince is already letting himself be called Goudan for you. You have to spend stay by his side for a lifetime now, my princess.”

After the wedding shoot concluded, Ding Meng snagged several untouched pictures from the photographer. When she arrived back to the hotel, she used the computer to access wifi and open Weibo.

DingMeng_LemonLeader (v): The #ThankYou# album’s release date is set to be June 20th. That date is also the wedding ceremony date for Qiao Yichen and me. *shy* You’ll receive wedding candies if you buy the album on the day of~


She posted two pictures. The first picture was taken in middle school. The two of them were wearing their school uniforms and sitting in the classroom. The second picture was one taken that afternoon, a wedding picture where Qiao Yichen was kissing her.

Weibo exploded immediately.

“Wedding pictures!!! Didn’t I say that there was a hidden agenda for going to France?!!!”

“Damn, the attractiveness of these two is off the charts! Hurry up and have a little bun! Big sister will wait for him to grow up!”

“So beautiful QAQ Sending Lemon Leader blessings and sending Qiao Dada blessings. Please stay happy QAQ”

“The Southwest Little Lemon Division sends our congratulations! We patiently await the album! The wedding picture is blindingly beautiful!”

“You’re even using your wedding ceremony to publicize your album. The only thing you know how to do is publicize *bye*”

“From school uniform to wedding dress. This is just like a fairy tale QAQ Sending the two of you blessings!”

“I’m the one who asked Lemon Leader to torture dogs yesterday. Is there still time for me to hit myself?”

“Already blind *crying laugh*”

“I’ll definitely buy the album! Lemon Leader, have a happy wedding! Afterwards, can you tell us how much the wedding dress cost?!”

“The Eastern China Regional Division of Little Lemons sends our congratulations! We will order fifty copies!”

“@DepartmentOfPublicSecurityOnline @UnclePoliceman”

“Looking at these really makes me want to get married *bye* But I don’t even have a partner *bye*”

“I’m not even looking forward to the album anymore after this sort of publicizing.”

“Can those who are talking about publicity shut up? This big sister doesn’t want to swear at people on this happy day *smile*”

“So much work has already been put into the costumes for just one MV. Somehow there are still people saying that this album is going to flop *bye*”

“I believe in Qiao Yichen’s talent and his attitude towards music. I also believe in Lemon Leader’s abilities. I’m really looking forward to the album.”

When Qiao Yichen came out of the shower, he saw the Weibo post that Ding Meng had published. He casually picked up the tablet on the bed and typed a reply.

“This album is the present that we are giving to each other. That’s why we chose to release it on the day of our wedding ceremony. I hope that everyone will also enjoy this present.”

After writing this message, he added a large and beating red heart to the very end.

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