Marriage Concerto Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: I chose 6/20 as the date. It’s an auspicious day.

On her way to the office, Ding Meng felt like everybody had been looking at her strangely.

She adjusted the big sunglasses on her face and turned around to look at Qiao Yichen, “Goudan, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows twitched, “I said to not call me Goudan at the office.”

Ding Meng pouted, “Qiao dada, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen glanced at her and pulled her into the elevator, “It has nothing to do with your face. They’re looking at me with the same expression.”

Ding Meng wrinkled her eyebrows in distress, “Why? We haven’t been affectionate in public recently. We haven’t even logged into Weibo for several days.”

Qiao Yichen thought for a moment. Was it possible that they had missed something because they hadn’t logged into Weibo for so long?

He fished his cell phone out of his pant pocket, but just as he was about to log onto Weibo to take a look, the elevator opened with a *ding*.

Jiang Man’s assistant stood outside and they all just stared at one another.

“Ah, Great Qiao, Ding Meng, Manager Jiang just happens to be looking for the two of you. She’s in her office right now.” The assistant used the same weird and ambiguous expression to look at them before squeezing into the elevator while holding some files.

Qiao Yichen stood in the same spot for a moment thinking before he turned around to say to Ding Meng, “Let’s go.”

“Ok.” Ding Meng followed him out but she felt rather nervous, “Gou…dada, I have a bad feeling about this.”

…It was Gou dada again. Qiao Yichen shot her a glance and spoke, “We’ll find out once we get there.”

There was another singer in Jiang Man’s office who left right after they came in. Qiao Yichen walked over to the couch and sat down. Ding Meng glanced at him and remained standing to ask Jiang Man, “Manager Jiang, why you were looking for us?”

Jiang Man looked up and leaned against the back of her chair, “Have you two been on Weibo yet today?”

Immediately, Ding Meng shook her head firmly, “No!”

Jiang Man spoke, “Then it would be best if you two took a look.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Qiao Yichen had opened his Weibo back when he had sat down. That article Breaking news! Evil Dog Torturing Pair’s Entire Valentine’s Day! was plastered boldly across his home page.

Qiao Yichen scrunched his eyebrows.

When Ding Meng saw that he was looking at his phone, she quickly pulled out her phone and scrunched her eyebrows too.

As this was happening, Jiang Man picked up the coffee mug on the table and blew on it. She spoke through pursed lips, “Aren’t you two a bit too slow? You guys were followed by people for an entire day yet you two didn’t notice at all.”

Ding Meng pursed her lips wordlessly. Qiao Yichen put away his phone and looked at Jiang Man, “I was too careless this time. I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“Those paparazzi are used to doing things like this and they’re also thick skinned. Even if you had discovered him, you wouldn’t have been able to do anything to him. If you had gone up and stolen his camera, he would have just written an article the next day saying that you hit people. It’s not worth it.”

After hearing Jiang Man’s words, Ding Meng’s brows scrunched even more. In the eyes of many, it was a given that celebrities had no privacy. However, no one would be happy to be stalked for pictures like that. “Then are we out of options?”

Jiang Man spoke, “The only thing you two can do is be more aware of your words and actions. Don’t be too intimate in public. They won’t be able to spin any stories from ordinary pictures. As long as they don’t cross the line, we usually don’t expend the energy to deal with them. For better or worse, you can be considered a celebrity right now. It’s better that you have a little more self awareness.”

Ding Meng nodded, “I understand.”

“That’s all I had to say. You two can go back to work.”

“Okay.” Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen went to the recording studio because they still had to continue recording the album songs today.

When they walked in, the sound technician was already inside. At that moment, he was sitting in his seat. His head was lowered and he was playing on his phone.

Upon hearing Ding Meng and Qiao Yichen enter, he looked up and glanced at them. Then an ambiguous smile appeared on his face and he asked Ding Meng, “We’re still recording songs today? Are you even capable of singing?”

Ding Meng, “…”

She had definitely not heard any hidden connotations.

Qiao Yichen walked up to him and looked down to glance at him, “I heard that you and your girlfriend broke up?”

The sound technician narrowed his eyes cautiously, “What? Are you thinking of introducing someone to me?”

Qiao Yichen replied, “No. I’m simply thinking that if that’s the case, it won’t be a problem if you work overtime for another month, right?”

Sound technician, “…”

What sort of logic did you use to come to such a conclusion?! Do you not have a conscience?!

A part of him felt like quitting after this month.

After an entire afternoon of recording passed, Ding Meng ate lunch with Qiao Yichen in the company cafeteria. The cafeteria had put quite a bit of thought into changing the pattern of food offerings.

For example, there were actually instant noodles mixed into the fruit salad today. Ding Meng swore that this was actually her first time eating such a creation.

When Qiao Yichen’s phone suddenly rang, he picked up his phone to look at the number and then stood up and walked next to the window.

Ding Meng narrowed her eyes as she turned her head to look in his direction.

Who was Goudan speaking to on the phone? He was actually too scared to speak in front of her?

Her eyes narrowed even more.

Not long after, Qiao Yichen hung up the phone and walked back. After picking her fork out of the salad, Ding Meng pointed it at Qiao Yichen and asked, “Who were you talking to just now?”

Qiao Yichen looked at her and suddenly began to laugh.

Ding Meng scrunched her eyebrows and extended her fork even further, “You’re laughing?” Apparently Goudan-er wanted to sleep next door again.

After chuckling to himself for a moment, Qiao Yichen looked at her and said, “I originally wanted to wait until the right time to give you a surprise, but looking at your accusing expression, I’d better tell you now.”

Ding Meng raised her eyebrows, “What?”

Qiao Yichen leaned closer to her and grinned faintly, “Of course it’s about our wedding ceremony.”

Ding Meng stared blankly for moment and then looked rather embarrassed immediately afterwards.

Qiao Yichen watched her cheeks turn slightly pink and then leaned even closer, “I’ve already booked the venue. As for the wedding dress…when do you have time to pick one?”

Burdened by the many curious gazes coming from their surroundings, Ding Meng pushed Qiao Yichen’s shoulder lightly, “This morning Manager Jiang said to be more aware of ourselves in public. Let’s continue this discussion at home.”

“Okay.” Still holding laughter in his eyes, Qiao Yichen leaned away from her slowly.

In the end, Ding Meng began discussing the matter with Qiao Yichen in his office before returning home. “When did you reserve the venue? Why didn’t you say anything to me?”

Qiao Yichen spoke, “Do you still remember that when we got married, we told both our parents that we would hold the ceremony after half a year? I began planning the day we burned the contract.”

Ding Meng, “…”

“Since the good venues receive a lot of reservations, it’s necessary to book them in advance. I chose 6/20 as the date. It’s an auspicious day.”

Ding Meng shot him a glance, “Not even consulting me about the date. Looks like you’re planning on establishing a dictatorship.”

Qiao Yichen laughed, “I said that I wanted to give you a nice surprise. I’ve already calculated the time frame. If we work quickly, your album can be released in June. If we work slowly, July or August are also possibilities. I hope that the release can keep up with our wedding ceremony.”

Ding Meng thought for a bit. Half of the songs in the album had already been recorded. If things went smoothly, the recording of the remaining five songs could be completed next month. It was actually possible for the album to be released at the end of June.

Qiao Yichen walked over and caught her by the waist. He kissed her on the forehead and said, “You still need to go try on wedding dresses. Why don’t we go after we finish recording this song?”


As he looked at her lowered eyelashes and bashful expression, Qiao Yichen grinned and spoke in a low tone, “I seem to have just gained some inspiration. How about we call the last song I’m writing for you Love?”

…Ding Meng felt like that would be really embarrassing.

Qiao Yichen continued looking down at her, “Just like a strawberry cake…” He bit her lower lip softly, “Sweet to the taste and soft to the touch.”

Ding Meng, “…”

Wouldn’t that be like singing a song about sex?!

However, Great Producer Qiao began penning the song that same day. His goal was to compose a song that gave off the aroma of a strawberry cream cake.

After work on the following day, they went to the wedding dress shop that Qiao Yichen had booked to choose a wedding dress. The extremely enthusiastic shop assistant recommended Ding Meng many exclusive styles. She even included sketches of the designer’s newest designs, saying that it was possible to custom order a dress after taking a few measurements.

Ding Meng thought that every dress looked really nice and couldn’t help but wish for the opportunity to try them all once.

Qiao Yichen had only two words in response to that thought of hers: ha ha.

The shop assistant nearby quickly rushed to play the peacekeeper. “Getting married is a major event that only happens once in a lifetime. Of course you need to pick the one that you like best. Don’t worry! Take your time choosing.”

In the end, Ding Meng chose a dress from a design sketch. Even though she didn’t know if the wedding dress would turn out as pretty as it was in the sketch, the prices here reassured her.

When the time came to leave, Ding Meng was still filled with excitement. As she sat by Qiao Yichen, she began humming the songs in her new album. Qiao Yichen turned over to look at her and laughed, “The filming for the Love that Arrived Unexpectedly MV is tomorrow morning. Don’t forget.”

“Okay, now that you mention it, I haven’t been to an amusement park in a long time. Maybe we can have some fun tomorrow after finishing work.”

Qiao Yichen spoke, “Given the amount of courage you have, all you’d be able to do at a theme park is ride the Ferris wheel.”

Ding Meng, “…”

She looked at him stubbornly, “Who said that?! Back then, it was because I was young! Now that I’ve grown up, I can ride roller coasters and all that stuff, alright?!”

Qiao Yichen grinned. His tone was filled with a strong sense of doubt, “Is that so?”

“Of course! I’ll show you tomorrow if you don’t believe me!”

The next morning, she and Qiao Yichen followed the production team to the amusement park.

This location was chosen as the filming set for the MV of The Love That Arrived Unexpectedly. There was also a big dance number so, in Ding Meng’s words, this was a rather trendy flash mob.

Ding Meng had already rehearsed the dance for over half a month. She didn’t have any problems with the movements. It was just that there were too many dancers and it was rather difficult to keep the scene orderly.

Even though things were like that, Ding Meng was still able to put on some simple makeup after her filming responsibilities ended and pull Qiao Yichen along to have fun in the amusement facilities.

With both hands in his pockets, Qiao Yichen turned around to look at her, “What do you want to ride first? The pirate boat or the roller coaster?”

“Uh…” Ding Meng looked around in every direction. “The pirate boat and rollercoaster have too many people. Let’s ride the Ferris wheel first.”

Qiao Yichen, “…”

Didn’t she say that she would show him today if he didn’t believe her?

Chuckling, he entered the Ferris Wheel with Ding Meng while making sure to keep an eye on the people around them.

Ding Meng watched the scenery below through the window with excitement, “Goudan, I heard that it’s very effective to make a wish when the Ferris wheel reaches its highest point.”

“Is that so?” Qiao Yichen leaned against the seat lazily as he sized up the scenery beyond the window.

Twenty five minutes later, a new post appeared on his Weibo.

Qiao Yichen (V): On the Ferris wheel, you earnestly prayed at the highest point to win 500k RMB, and you even wished to win three times… Didn’t you say in the beginning that you were going to wish for world peace? *bye*

It had already been quite a while since Qiao Yichen had last posted on Weibo. Therefore, this Weibo immediately attracted a strong following of fans.


“Who was dada riding the Ferris wheel with? Perhaps Lemon Leader?”

“Lemon Leader went to the amusement park to film a MV! Dada definitely went with Lemon Leader to take advantage of her business outing!”

“Hahahaha let me laugh for a moment. How is Lemon Leader this cute? *crying laugh*”

“Lemon Leader, you should have wished for a 500 RMB dollar bill to test the waters first ah *crying laugh*”

“The dog torturing is finally starting again. I feel very satisfied :)”

“Omg I’m at that amusement park right now! A large crowd of people have already started rushing over to that Ferris wheel!”

“Does Qiao dada want to change his profession to be a storyteller? 233333”

“Run faster! We might be able to see the Evil Dog Torturing Duo in person!”

However, by the time everyone rushed over to the Ferris wheel, Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng were long gone. By luring everyone to the Ferris wheel, they were able to ride the other rides in peace.

He really was quite clever.

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