Marriage Concerto Chapter 62

Translator: pwip

Chapter 62: I chose 6/20 as the date. It’s an auspicious day.

On her way to the office, Ding Meng felt like everybody had been looking at her strangely.

She adjusted the big sunglasses on her face and turned around to look at Qiao Yichen, “Goudan, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows twitched, “I said to not call me Goudan at the office.”

Ding Meng pouted, “Qiao dada, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen glanced at her and pulled her into the elevator, “It has nothing to do with your face. They’re looking at me with the same expression.” Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 61

On my second to last day in Kyoto! Next up is Osaka~ Eating a ridiculous amount of food every day BUT also walking an average of 8 miles/day so praying I don’t gain any weight…

Translator: Diana

Chapter 61: Evil Dog Torturing Pair’s Entire Valentine’s Day

After Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng’s Weibo accounts were both silent for several days, the popularity of the term Evil Dog Torturing Pair finally diminished slowly.

Sadly, those verified policemen Weibo accounts were still following her.

It looked like they were still being monitored.

On February 14th, Ding Meng went to Starlight General Merchandise as planned to attend the advertising company’s publicity event.

Since today was Valentine’s Day, the streets were pretty much filled with pairs of sweethearts. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 60

First chapter in a while!! In Japan for the next three weeks ^^ Throw recommendations at me if you all have any!

Translator: Diana

Chapter 60: Evil Dog Torturing Pair

After that Weibo message was posted, the fans immediately exploded.

“This couple… I’ve been living for too long *crying laugh*”

“*candle* Stay strong Lemon Leader.”

“If you have the ability to torture dogs, then you also have the ability to reveal the details of the punishment! *crying laugh*”

“You guys are too perverted. Qiao dada was definitely referring to ordinary punishment methods *hehe*” Continue reading