Marriage Concerto Chapter 43


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Chapter 43: I want to produce an album for you.

Qiao Yichen continued standing in the kitchen until his breathing steadied. Then, he walked over to Ding Meng’s room and knocked on the door, “Does this mean that you love me?”

Earlier, he had told her to kiss him if she loved him.

Ding Meng’s voice came from inside the room and sounded as if it was muffled by a pillow, “You’re thinking too much. It was just a thank you kiss!”

“Ah.” Qiao Yichen responded softly as he stared at the door, “Do you usually thank people like this?” Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Don’t be all talk and no action. Kiss me if you love me

Of course, the chosen chuan chuan shop was the one Ding Meng usually frequented. It had the recipes and flavors she was familiar with.

This was the Qiao Yichen’s second time visiting this shop. The last time he was here, he came to drag her home and didn’t have the chance to look around carefully. This time, he took his time assessing his surroundings and noticed that this shop was very actually clean compared to other roadside stalls.

Ding Meng requested the same private room as last time and ordered heaps of food. The waiter brought over her order and Ding Meng immediately began to cook the food in the pot. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 41

We’re officially halfway through MC!!! (If we count the 6 side stories at chapters ^^)

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Chapter 41: I only want you.

Ding Meng slept for two hours before waking up. When she opened her eyes, she realized that Qiao Yichen’s coat was draped over her. She moved a bit and the towel on her forehead fell off.

“You’re awake?” Qiao Yichen sat in front of his work desk and glanced at her. Then, he stood up from his chair.

Ding Meng picked up the towel that was on her forehead and looked at him as he walked towards her, “How did I get here?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 40

LOL that Popeye reference thooo. I wonder if kids these days still know who he is.

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Chapter 40: I will take responsibility for you

In that split second, Ding Meng suddenly erupted with superhuman strength, just like Popeye after eating spinach. She lifted up her knee and smacked Qiao Yichen right in the stomach.

“Oof!” Qiao Yichen let out a muffled groan before collapsing by Ding Meng on the couch as if he had used up the last of what little energy he had.

After surviving the ordeal, Ding Meng took several big gulps of air and pushed aside the person who was laying on top of her.

Qiao Yichen’s eyes were shut tightly, and he didn’t show any signs of waking up. Ding Meng climbed off the couch and straightened her clothing. Fortunately, she had put on a jacket when she had come out. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have seen everything just now?! Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Deep kiss?!

Qiao Yichen stood by himself on the balcony, bracing the cold wind as if it could calm him down.

He knew that the one in poor condition wasn’t Ding Meng, but rather himself. He had known Gu Xin for a number of years, but this was his first time seeing Gu Xin take the initiative to collaborate with a female singer.

Now, he was certain that Gu Xin was interested in Ding Meng. Gu Xin was even willing to use his own popularity to give her a boost through this proposed collaboration.

He had mentioned to Xiang Guang before that he would raise her to the top of the music industry. While he still had the confidence to do so, he had suddenly discovered that he wasn’t the only person capable of accomplishing such a feat. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: That’s right, I’ve gotten caught up in this act

The kiss was as light as a feather, but raging emotions surged through Ding Meng’s head.

What the hell! Where had this dominant personality type suddenly come from? What about the contract they had agreed upon? The contract?!

No no no, those weren’t even the biggest issue at hand. The biggest issue was that she had just been kissed!

Her first kiss in 25 years! Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 37


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Chapter 37: In the future, don’t forget that you’re married, ok?

After the lively guitar version of You Wanted to Break Up Today concluded, a thunderous applause erupted throughout the stadium.

Ding Meng sat on the stool and exhaled deeply. Then, holding her guitar, she stood up and bowed to the audience.

The stage lights dimmed once more and Ding Meng returned backstage. The staff workers were still busily running about, but surprisingly the director was looking at her in awe. “Ding Meng, you sang really well just now! I kept worrying that you would make a mistake, but your performance was great!” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 36

OKAY LIFE HAS FINALLY SETTLED DOWN!! Here’s another 6k character long chapter XD Chestnut, why are you so inconsistent with chapter lengths!!! Enjoy the little skit at the end 😛

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Chapter 36: Gu Xin, put your clothes back on right now!

The Popular Classics Commemoration Concert was set to take place at the end of September. Tickets at every price level were completely sold out a month prior.

As the concert approached, the artists performing weren’t the only ones who became more active. The ticket scalpers were also becoming more lively. In an effort to prevent people from buying scalped tickets, the organizers denounced it on Weibo everyday. They had even added additional security and staff personnel on the day of the concert to patrol the venue. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: What is Your Favorite?

The watchband was not a luxury brand item, but it was thoughtful nonetheless. Inside the box, there was also a small piece of paper with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it.

The paper wasn’t signed, but he recognized this was Ding Meng’s handwriting.

So many years had passed, but Ding Meng’s handwriting still resembled the handwriting she had when they went to school together. After closer inspection, it had actually gotten a bit worse. Continue reading