Marriage Concerto Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: What do you mean I scream pretty well? You’re so shameless!

When September arrived, the commemoration concert’s rehearsal schedule was officially released. Another task was added to Ding Meng’s everyday work routine in addition to attending her usual training center classes.

After Qiao Yichen rearranged You Wanted to Break Up Today, it had become much warmer and more consistent with the current style of pop music.

On stage, Ding Meng and a guitarist sat across from one another. Since Qiao Yichen had altered this song to include a guitar accompaniment, he had asked a well-known guitar player within the industry to perform with her. Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Use Your Voice and Make Everyone Remember You

The first day at the training center passed by pleasantly. Ding Meng did not stay after training ended at 4:30. Instead, she retrieved her things and left the premises.

By the time Qiao Yichen returned home from work, Ding Meng had already finished cooking a table full of dishes and was waiting to eat together with him.

Qiao Yichen raised his eyebrows, took off his suit jacket, and hung it next to the door.
Then, he asked, “Why are you suddenly so hardworking? What time did you get back?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Come sleep in my office

She put away the concert details, picked up Qiao Yichen’s list of items, and walked toward the training center to sign up for classes.

When the time came to pay, the staff member informed her that her fees had already been taken care of by Qiao Yichen.

Ding Meng blinked in surprise a few times before returning the credit card in her hand back to her bag. The staff member made her fill out a form and then handed her a training card and class schedule. “Every time you come to class, swipe it once. The fee will automatically be deducted. It’s already lunchtime now so come back in the afternoon to attend class.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Qiao Yichen has already spoken to me. In the future, you can follow me.

Xiang Guang approved of Ding Meng’s enthusiasm. He glanced at Qiao Yichen and asked probingly, “Will her new song will be overseen by you?”

“Mhm, the composition of the lyrics, music, and arrangement will all be taken care of by me.”

Xiang Guang’s mouth carried a hint of a smile. He nodded faintly but didn’t speak.

Every production aspect of Ding Meng’s song had been assumed by Qiao Yichen. Ding Meng felt a little overwhelmed by the honor. Xiang Guang saw through her thoughts and smiled, “Great Producer Qiao won’t be satisfied with what other people compose.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: I will seat her on the throne of the music industry

The barbecue party continued all the way until night time. After Ding Meng drank the director’s concoction of fruits and vegetable juice, she completely lost her appetite to continue eating.

After the celebration ended, quite a few people wanted to catch a ride in Qiao Yichen’s car. Ding Meng judged them for daring to sit in the car of someone who had just suffered a concussion. Meanwhile, she walked out the door and hailed a taxi.

When she reached home, Qiao Yichen had not yet returned. She figured that he had really been dragged off to be a chauffeur. Looking at the time, she thought, yup, not bad at all. Tonight’s practice could probably be skipped as well. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Extravagant Beat the Drum, Pass the Flower

An injury taken for the wife was a badge of honor.

Ding Meng’s maiden heart suffered a sudden blow.

Qiao Yichen’s eyes looked even more brilliant than diamonds or even the stars in the sky. Even when he looked at you expressionlessly like that, he could still make your face quickly heat up.

“I’ll be heading to my room!” Ding Meng hastily grabbed her things and dashed into her room. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: This isn’t a scar, this is a badge of honor

After the top three contestants received their trophies on stage, the competition finally concluded after running for over a month.

Backstage, the director gathered everyone together and happily declared, “Everyone has worked hard over this past month. Tomorrow, Producer Mu will be holding a celebratory feast at her home. Everyone needs to come!” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: First Flower of February

After the winner was announced, the audience burst into cheers. Wild with happiness, Ding Meng’s friends and family chanted their slogan again.


……Ding Meng was immediately pulled out of her shock at winning and returned to reality.

“Ding Meng has a blank expression on her face again. Is this like last time, where you didn’t expect to win?” Continue reading