Marriage Concerto Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Ding Meng Ding Meng, Universe’s Most Meng!

The next day, Ding Meng brought her competition clothing to the broadcast building.

Since the contest wasn’t slated to begin until the afternoon, the contestants got their makeup done early in the morning.

Ding Meng changed into the blue dress that Qiao Yichen had given her and looked at herself in front of the mirror. The dress stood out a lot and the bright color made her skin look especially fair.

In Ding Meng’s opinion, if Qiao Yichen didn’t want to be a producer anymore, he could change his profession and become a stylist. He was so good at choosing clothes. Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: I’m looking forward to seeing a new star rise in the music industry

Gu Xin took off his dark brown sunglasses when he walked into the hospital room.

Ding Meng stared at him. For a moment, she couldn’t decide if she should first dash over and ask for a signature, or first thank him for giving her pointers last time. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: I don’t need her to do these things for me

After rushing to the hospital, Ding Meng first approached the information desk to ask where Qiao Yichen’s hospital room was located.

The nurse at the information desk unresponsively stared at the blood on her clothes in surprise and confusion. Ding Meng hurriedly explained, “This isn’t my blood. Where is Qiao Yichen’s hospital room?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Quickly call an ambulance, quickly!

Ding Meng didn’t want to talk to Qiao Yichen.

She sat alone in her room, listening to the First Flower of February track that Qiao Yichen had just given her.

The high part of this song’s chorus was exactly as Qiao Yichen had described. It was different from what she had sung in the past. With her current singing abilities, the high notes and powerful vocals wouldn’t be a big issue. However, she wasn’t sure if her breathing could stay even.

Sigh, her lung capacity still wasn’t large enough. Looks like the intensity of her physical training would have to be increased. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The main point is, if you PK Sima Xiaoxiao, you’d lose completely.

After the contracts were signed, the Xingyao representative left. The top four contestants remained seated to listen to the program organizer explain the set up of the finals.

“The four contestants of the finals will be split into two groups by lottery. After the first round of performances concludes, the audience will vote to select two contestants to enter the championship match. Next, the two contestants who don’t receive as many votes will perform again. This time, the judges will vote to chose the competition’s third place winner. Then the two contestants who previously advanced will give a second round of performances. Afterwards, the judges will vote again to choose this time’s Heavenly Voice champion. Any questions?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 21: She actually fell for his evil tricks!

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Chapter 21: She actually fell for his evil tricks!

Everyone in the audience waited for Qiao Yichen’s reply. Ding Meng watched him, unconsciously holding her breath.

Under the stares of a thousand watchful eyes, Qiao Yichen leaned slightly toward the microphone. His deep, magnetic voice traveled through the speakers. “I’m giving my vote to Ding Meng because her performance moved me.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 20: Top 4

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Chapter 20: Top 4

Probably because she had received some rare encouragement from Qiao Yichen, Ding Meng felt braver than usual when she walked into the competition site. Even though this round didn’t require the audience to vote, the arena was still packed full with a thousand spectators.

After being baptized by the last competition, the present her had lost all qualms about facing an audience of this scale. The order of performances today would go according the results of yesterday’s lottery in the order red, yellow, green, and lastly blue. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 19: Drawing Lots

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Chapter 19: Drawing Lots

Probably because she needed to face the Merit team, Qiao Yichen added an additional competition performance segment to her training.

Ding Meng had only managed to sing a quarter of Yearning before she was interrupted by Qiao Yichen, “Your performance is currently too focused on the technique. Techniques are supposed to assist the delivery of the song. You’re getting it backwards by singing like this.”

Ding Meng paused for a moment and then looked at him, “Today, Gu Xin also told me something like that.”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows twitched, “Gu Xin?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 18: Pointers

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Chapter 18: Pointers

Perhaps due to the effects of alcohol, Ding Meng slept through the night very soundly. It wasn’t until the next day when she was awoken by her alarm clock that she felt her temple ache dully.

How many glasses had she drank last night? Was it three glasses or was it four glasses?

Thinking up to there, she let out a sigh. The wine from last night wasn’t strong at all. How had she fallen so quickly? Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 17: Gratitude

Chapter 17: Gratitude

After the first four contestants of the top 8 were chosen, today’s competition satisfactorily concluded. Tomorrow, the remaining two groups would compete.

Ding Meng followed the stream of people returning backstage and bumped into the program director. The director smiled and greeted her. “Congratulations on entering the top 8. How was the feeling of leading a choir?”

Ding Meng paused and even forgot to say her thank you, “Huh?” Continue reading