Marriage Concerto Chapter 9: Chuan Chuan

Chapter 9: Chuan Chuan

For the sake of proving she still had a rebellious side, Ding Meng resolutely sent Qiao Yichen a text message, saying that she would immediately return after eating chuan chuan. Then she quickly turned off her phone.

After taking public transportation and arriving at 10 Li of Floating Fragrance, she found that Jiang Nanqing had already ordered a whole table of food and was just waiting for her. Ding Meng looked around and saw there were a lot of foods she liked to eat. She couldn’t help but be moved. “Nanqing, only you treat me the best.”

T/N: 10 Li of Floating Fragrance is Ding Meng’s favorite chuan chuan store.

Jiang Nanqing rolled her eyes, clearly not falling for her trick, “We’re splitting.”

Ding Meng, “….” Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 8: Special Treatment

Chapter 8: Special Treatment

Regarding hugging thighs and so on, Ding Meng proved that she absolutely was not thinking askew. She smiled at Qiao Yichen, set down her chopsticks, and ran into her room while yelling, “Give me a second! I need to prepare something.”

Qiao Yichen stared at her back in confusion. “Prepare what?” Everything that needed to be prepared had been already prepared.

Ding Meng hastily responded, “A razor! I’m worried your leg is too hairy!”

Qiao Yichen, “…..” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 7: Special Training

Chapter 7: Special Training

On one side, the brief exchange between the two brothers had ended, but on the other side, Mama Qiao was pulling Ding Meng out of the kitchen with great enthusiasm. She  ran over turned on the TV. “I nearly forgot that today that Heavenly Voice competition is airing. Earlier I saw on a commercial that Yichen is a judge.”

Ding Meng froze. It couldn’t be….?

While the TV screen was still turning on, a voice began transmitting from the stereo. “Greeting the judges. I am number 65, Ding Meng.”

Ding Meng, “…..”

She could only think that this situation was even more coincidental than winning the lottery. Yet this kind of story like situation had actually happened. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 6: Family Dinner

Chapter 6: Family Dinner

It was actually a really sad story.

Ding Meng picked up the pillow again and hugged it close. “Didn’t you ask me how I lost so much weight? Actually, I didn’t go on a diet. I fell ill.”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows moved. “You fell ill?”

Seeing how his expression became serious, Ding Meng hurriedly explained, “Don’t get all anxious. It wasn’t a contagious illness!”

Qiao Yichen, “…..”

“That’s not what I meant.” He helplessly ruffled his hair. “I meant, back when you were a student, weren’t you in good health? How did you fall ill?” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 5: Preliminary Round

Chapter 5: Preliminary Round

Heavenly Voice was a talent show produced by Xing Yao Entertainment and A City TV Station. As long as a person was a citizen and at least 18 years old, any male or female could participate.

Based on the large crowd that came to the casting auditions, Ding Meng assumed that the broadcasting building would be packed with people as well. However, when she arrived, she realized that even though the building had quite a few people busying about, there was nowhere near as many as she had imagined.

At the entrance, she filled out a form and received a number card from the staff. She was instructed to wear it and wait in the waiting area.

The waiting area already had quite a few people. All the seats were already occupied so Ding Meng was forced to find a spot by the wall to stand. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 4: Registration

Chapter 4: Registration

After Ding Meng tucked away the contract and returned home, she found a safe place to hide it. Right after the deed was done, her ringtone suddenly rang. Ding Meng almost jumped in fright.

She picked up her cell phone and saw that it was Jiang Nanqing. Filled with a guilty conscience, Ding Meng exhaled a big breath and answered the phone, “Nanqing ah, what’s up?”

“Ding Meng Meng, aren’t you being too inconsiderate? Your grandma got admitted into the hospital and you didn’t even say anything to me? I only learned this from your chuan chuan friend!”

The reproach in Jiang Nanqing’s voice pulled Ding Meng together. These past two days she was so busy with the matter of marrying Qiao Yichen that she really had neglected to tell Nanqing. “My bad, I kept forgetting to tell you….” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 3: Contract

Chapter 3: Contract

After Qiao Yichen finished listening to Ding Meng speak, the first thought that flashed through his mind was, ah, she remembered my name after all.

T/N: In Chapter 1, Ding Meng only called Qiao Yichen by his nickname Goudan.

Only after a second did he blankly ask, “What did you just say?”

The corner of Ding Meng’s mouth twitched. She was only able to speak those thick skinned words after summoning a huge amount of courage. Did he want her to say it again?

The short period of silence made Qiao Yichen conscious of the embarrassment on the other side of the phone. He thought for a bit and spoke, “Let’s meet up in person to discuss this.”

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Marriage Concerto Chapter 2: Opportunity

Chapter 2: Opportunity

Get, get married?

Ding Meng was immediately stupefied. The fake boyfriend plan was something she had only recently thought up after getting fed up with frustration. Unexpectedly, there was an even braver person out there – to directly think of a fake marriage!

She looked at Qiao Yichen asking, “Are you talking the kinds of marriages where you find a counterfeiter to make a fake marriage certificate?”

Qiao Yichen paused for a bit before saying, “No of course not, my mom would definitely see through a fake one.”

Ding Meng frowned. “Then you’re suggesting we actually get married? What about after we marry? After the crisis passes, wouldn’t we have to divorce? Then wouldn’t I become a divorcee?”

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Marriage Concerto Chapter 1: Reunion

Chapter 1: Reunion

Inside a coffee shop on the east side of the city, customers were sitting in twos and threes.

A man wearing a white shirt flicked the bangs covering his eyes. He took the tortoise shell in his hands and placed it on the table. “Last night, I performed a divination just for today’s blind date. It revealed that my fated partner will appear from the east wearing a long white skirt.”

Ding Meng glanced at herself. No wonder her grandma forced her to wear a white floral dress before leaving.

The man facing her pressed on, “You were born on May 20th, a Taurus. I’m a Virgo. Taurus and Virgo are the most compatible zodiac signs.”

“Are they? Haha.” Ding Meng tilted her head downwards and took a small sip of lemonade from her glass while secretly rolling her eyes.

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