Marriage Concerto Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Newlyweds living separately – aren’t you scared of having marital problems?

It could be considered a dream of every singer to hold a solo concert. It was also a sign of acknowledgement for a singer.

As a newcomer who hadn’t even debuted for a full year, Ding Meng really felt like she had won five million dollars after hearing that the company wanted to hold a solo concert for her. Continue reading


Marriage Concerto Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: This isn’t a miracle

The huge diamond on the ring sent Ding Meng into a momentary daze.

“This is…” She picked the ring up carefully and looked up at Qiao Yichen sitting across from her.

Qiao Yichen replied, “Of course it’s a wedding ring. I didn’t prepare anything for you when we were married. Now I’m making up for that one item at a time.” The corners of his mouth curved upwards as he spoke up to there and grinned at Ding Meng, “That includes our honeymoon.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 64

I made an edit in Ch 63! Here’s the corrected line in bold:

DingMeng_LemonLeader (v): The #ThankYou# album’s release date is set to be June 20th. That date is also the wedding ceremony date for Qiao Yichen and me. *shy* You’ll receive wedding candies if you buy the album on the day of~

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Chapter 64: Birthday Gift

Following Qiao Yichen’s post on Weibo, many friends in the industry reposted it and sent their blessings. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Ah, we have a wedding shoot on those two days.

May arrived in a flash, and Ding Meng’s album had already reached its final stages. Qiao Yichen proposed that they go abroad to film the MVs for Love and Colorful Kiss.

Following discussions with the company, the filming location was chosen to be set in France. Everyone was settling the final itinerary in Jiang Man’s office. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: I chose 6/20 as the date. It’s an auspicious day.

On her way to the office, Ding Meng felt like everybody had been looking at her strangely.

She adjusted the big sunglasses on her face and turned around to look at Qiao Yichen, “Goudan, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen’s eyebrows twitched, “I said to not call me Goudan at the office.”

Ding Meng pouted, “Qiao dada, is there something on my face?”

Qiao Yichen glanced at her and pulled her into the elevator, “It has nothing to do with your face. They’re looking at me with the same expression.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Evil Dog Torturing Pair’s Entire Valentine’s Day

After Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng’s Weibo accounts were both silent for several days, the popularity of the term Evil Dog Torturing Pair finally diminished slowly.

Sadly, those verified policemen Weibo accounts were still following her.

It looked like they were still being monitored.

On February 14th, Ding Meng went to Starlight General Merchandise as planned to attend the advertising company’s publicity event.

Since today was Valentine’s Day, the streets were pretty much filled with pairs of sweethearts. Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Evil Dog Torturing Pair

After that Weibo message was posted, the fans immediately exploded.

“This couple… I’ve been living for too long *crying laugh*”

“*candle* Stay strong Lemon Leader.”

“If you have the ability to torture dogs, then you also have the ability to reveal the details of the punishment! *crying laugh*”

“You guys are too perverted. Qiao dada was definitely referring to ordinary punishment methods *hehe*” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Goudan’s fierce retaliation.

Just like that, the small splash caused by the plastic surgery scandal gradually settled down.

However, many fans filled with righteous indignation came to complain on their Weibo pages that the scandal had only occurred because of how publicly they were flirting.

While Ding Meng didn’t pay much attention to this, Qiao Yichen seemed to have caught onto something. Was it possible that the person who had released Ding Meng’s middle school picture was a former admirer but was now an enemy?

No no. Given her level of attractiveness in the past, there probably wasn’t anyone besides him who was capable of looking past her appearance to see her personality. Therefore…was that feeling of love turned to hate directed at him? Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: I’ll make sure that you’re nice and plump, my favorite little fatty.

Jiang Man paused for a moment and then asked, “What are you planning to do?”

Ding Meng responded, “Proving that I haven’t had plastic surgery is rather simple. After all, I have way more pictures of myself than that person who released my picture does.”

Jiang Man seemed to consider her idea for a moment and then spoke, “Alright then. You should still let me see it prior to posting it. Just send it directly to my work email.”

“Okay.” Ding Meng hung up the phone and looked over at Qiao Yichen who was right beside her. “Goudan, I want to take a trip home.” Continue reading

Marriage Concerto Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Wife, I’ve thought of a killer way to show our affection

Since Jiang Man had warned Ding Meng against responding without her approval, Ding Meng hadn’t posted anything on Weibo recently.

Now that Jiang Man was encouraging her like this, Ding Meng felt a bit dazed, “Do you mean that I can start posting on Weibo now?”

“Yes. But don’t mention your previous statement. You can post about how your work is progressing or you can even show your love for Qiao Yichen. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you two were childhood sweethearts?”

“Eh…” Ding Meng choked a bit. “I had forgotten.” Continue reading